Monday, June 14, 2010

Why Use Varying Learning Strategies

The brain learns in so many ways. Brain research says that we remember better when more than one memory lane is accessed. There are semantic (words and symbols), episodic (environment based), procedural (learn by doing), and emotional memory lanes and emotional has the most impact. Just think of a time when you were really frustrated and angry and had to go to school; what were you thinking about? Probably not the lesson. When using a variety of instructional strategies, teachers are more likely to access more memory lanes.
Content has to have purpose and meaning if we are going to commit it to memory. Teachers need to be sure to give content those things and using different instructional strategies is key. Technology is very helpful in reaching several learning styles. For example a musical learner can learn from educational songs on YouTube, a naturalist can do research online on how math, science and English can be used to preserve the environment, an interpersonal person can discuss their learning with others via a blog.
I have already started making plans on how to be a more effective teacher by incorporating a variety of learning strategies in my room and using technology to aid in my teaching. I believe that my students will be more excited to learn and come to school because they know their strengths will be valued.

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